Ethically Sourced

Respect for the Environment

SHE cares not just about the quality of the hair extensions, but also the health of humans and the world around us. The environmentally-friendly chemicals used in the production operation ensure an extremely safe manufacturing facility, without excess waste, with respect for the people working inside as well as the environment outside.

SHE takes pride in producing hair extensions that closely matches the natural condition of the hair. We use an advanced process to remove the color pigments from the hair without damaging or removing the cuticle. It is a slow progression, but also exceedingly gentle, retaining the natural quality of the hair.

Manufactured in Italy

SHE Hair Extensions are manufactured in Italy in a facility that has been producing professional hair products for more 40 years. The specially-trained staff ensures that the hair is treated gently as it goes through a detailed and labor-intensive process. This includes a treatment, developed in Italy, that maintains the cuticle bonds, therefore retaining the quality of the natural hair. No hair leaves the building without a quality-control check ensuring that the luxurious extensions meet all of the rigorous SHE standards.

Sourced Ethically

We believe that quality hair extensions begin at the source. All SHE Hair Extensions are ethically sourced from 100% human hair. Women in India donate their hair completely voluntarily as a means to honor their temples and gods. The hair is then brokered at a fair and respectful price. 

SHE guarantees that all hair meets its high-standard conditions:

  • Hair is voluntarily donated from women in India
  • An appropriate price is paid
  • The hair’s cuticles are fully intact and all facing the same direction (Remy hair)

Production Process

SHE Hair Extensions bonds are made with 80% high-quality, human-grade keratin—the most keratin per bond in the industry. As a result of the high level of keratin, an extremely low heat (310-320 degrees) can be used for fusion, preventing damage to the client’s natural hair as well as to the stylist. 

Our advanced bonding technology is combined with state-of-the-art professional electronic application equipment that allows the bond to become malleable—but not liquefied, as when heating a bond at 500 degrees—so stylists can manipulate the shape of the bond depending on where it’s lying on the head. 

Our exclusive flat-bonding technique creates bonds that are completely undetectable around the hairline, comfortable when lying down, and even invisible to the most discernible high-definition camera. 


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