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Hair Extensions: What you need to know before buying

Before buying hair extensions it is extremely important to fully know your client. A thorough consultation is the key to a great hair extensions experience for both the stylist and the client. Asking questions such as what their desired look is and how active their lifestyle is, is just the tip of the iceberg. It is vital to ask about your client’s health as well. Finding out if they have any thyroid issues, any hormonal imbalances, taking any medication, or excessive shedding will help you, the stylist, to determine if your potential client can become a hair extension user.

A variety of hair extensions

Every hair extension client has their own specific and unique desired look. SHE Hair has a variety of options for hair extensions ranging from semi-permanent to permanent extensions. SHE Hair carries Keratin (single strand, warm fusion) bonds, Tape-ins (skin wefts, cold fusion, cold hair), Clip-ins, Wefts (sown in or beaded), Ponytails (clip in and wrap), Halos (Clip-in with string band), and bangs (Clip-in). Keratin bonds are SHE Hair Extensions permanent type of extensions that last about 4 to 6 months. These extensions are available in three different lengths and over 100 different colors with three types of textures ranging from straight, wavy and curly. SHE carries not only natural tones that can match just about any person’s hair color, but also fantasy for those clients who want a pop of color, or lighter tones that their hair cannot handle the bleaching process.

Reasons for hair extensions

Once you and the client, agree on the look, then you can determine what type or combination of extensions (such as combining Tape-ins with Keratin bonds) will best suit your client. Extensions can be used to create volume, add length, give chemical-free highlights or give a pop color. Hair extensions are an amazing avenue to help those clients who want to grow out their hair, without having to go through that “awkward” phase. Single strand keratin bonds can also be used to create a more permanent halo that is custom designed for your client.

Pricing on hair extensions

Talking to your client about price is also very important. You want to make sure to talk to your client about not only what they are looking for but what their price point is. Just like when women begin their hunt for the right wedding dress. The sales representative always asks them what their budget is, as to not show them a dress they would fall in love with that is out of their price range. Once a budget is established then you can talk about what process will work best for them. Then you can determine how many packs of hair extensions you will need for the best outcome.

Color match hair extensions

Once you conclude on the quantity of hair needed, then you should color match your client using the SHE color ring. When using the color ring make sure to only grab a section as big as a keratin bond is, starting from root to ends will ensure that you can get the best idea of how the extensions will blend and look. As a rule of thumb, you should always buy at least one to two extra packs to have in case you need more at the time of application. If you do not end up using the extra hair, it can be used as fillers for their in between appointments. Or as a great selling point for someone interested in trying out hair extensions. Remember it is essential to use more than just one color to achieve the most natural look. Extensions are not supposed to be seen and no one should be able to tell when someone is wearing them. 

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