Hair Care

Hair Care

The key to lasting extensions is having the proper care kit. SHE Hair Essential Hair Care kit includes everything needed to properly care for hair extensions. Our products were made with hair extensions in mind using natural ingredients that cleanse, repair, protect, and nourish hair.

Moreover, our products will balance moisture, improve manageability, and keep your client’s hair looking and feeling healthy.

SHE Hair Extensions Hair Care
SHE Hair Extensions Shampoo


The shampoo’s silk protein formula moisturizers from root to tip, cleansing while protecting the keratin structure of hair. Extensions will gain new life and buoyancy with an all-natural look.

SHE Hair Extensions Restructure


The restructuring spray makes hair easy-to-manage, freeing it from tangles and frizz. A protective film covers the hair and protects it from sun damage.

SHE Hair Extensions Mask


The nourishing mask is specially formulated with silk proteins to guarantee the health of the scalp, soothing skin irritation and restoring the natural balance of the hair.

Key Ingredients

SHE Hair Extensions Argan Oil

Argan Oil

Argan oil is among the healthiest natural ingredients on the planet; beneficial for hair nourishment and growth.

SHE Hair Extensions Marine Algae

Marine Algae

Marine algae consist of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which is known for thickening and boosting hair growth.


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