If a client has fine/thin hair, can they still wear hair extensions?

Check the elasticity of their hair to see if they are a candidate for extensions. If so, test to ensure the size of the bond will not cause any fall out.

How long do extensions last?

Extensions can last from 3—6 months. Depending on proper installation, client maintenance, and how fast the clients hair grows.

Are the bonds glued into the hair?

SHE bonds are made of a high grade keratin. With low heat, keratin bonds fuse to the clients hair.

Can they use regular hair care products on the extensions?

Refer to client maintenance form.

Should the client wash their hair everyday?

No, however women who exercise daily wash their hair everyday with no adverse effects. Dry Shampoo should be used between washes.

If they go swimming in a pool or ocean is there anything different they should do for the hair extensions?

Saturate hair with fresh water and use a swimmers cap. Shampoo immediately after, or at least rinse your hair.


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