SHE Newsletter Volume 6 - The Importance of In-Person Color Matching

There is no substitute for color matching in person. If you match a photo, the lighting, photo quality, or even phone settings can alter the color of your client's hair color. If your client chooses their color, you as a stylist lose creative control over the result. If it doesn't match the tone of the hair, it reflects on your work. As an extension artist, the color ring is your holy grail to match color or tone from root to tip for a flawless look. It is a tool you have to have. SHE has 170 colors, including natural, rooted, Ombre, Mixed Tones, and Baylayage. A gorgeous color match will never be an issue.

Always Match 



And Ends

Stylist Spotlight - Keri Dawkins

Keri Dawkins, from Club Salon Spa in Ventura, CA, created a mermaid on land! The color is perfectly blended from root to tip. Keri used SHE colors M20/27 and 1001 in Wavy Long to create this beauty. To book an appointment with Keri, contact her on Instagram @clubsalonspa

Stylist Tip from Keri

"Don't go too high with your extensions on your client's head when doing fine, thin hair."

Accessory Must Have - CRN 6080

Color ring with color effects colors Ombre, Baylayage, and Rooted