Hair Accessories

Hair extensions need to be treated with care by using the highest quality products. It starts with brushing often which reduces tangling, along with the hair extension care kit consisting of natural ingredients that cleanse, repair, protect, and nourish.

We recommend a hair extension brush with staggered bristles which glides through the hair without damaging bonds. Gently, start from the tips brushing in a downward motion and gently move upwards towards the bonds. 

SHE Hair Extensions Paddle Brush
SHE Hair Extensions Paddle Brush

Paddle Professional Fashion Tape Brush

Professional hair extension paddle brush with flat base features air suspension that’s suitable for the most sensitive scalps. Ideal for combing and smoothing medium to long-length hair without generating electrostatic charge.

SHE Hair Extensions Oval Brush Large

Oval Professional Fashion Tape Brush - Large

The professional hair extension brush with oval base and ergonomic handle is a must have. The air suspensions and flat bristles make the brush action effective and delicate, without stress on the hair. The size of the base provides control over large sections while detangling the longest hair.

Oval Professional Fashion Tape Brush - Medium

The perfect travel brush. The medium professional fashion tape brush offers the same benefit as the larger size oval brush but in smaller size. Perfect for throwing in a bag.


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